Since Sept 9th 2018 our kids have been praying for a baby named Christian. He is a great-nephew of Mrs. Jarrell, our 3rd – 8th grade teacher. He was life-flighted from Grant Nebraska to Children’s Hospital in Denver with traumatic brain bleeding resulting from an injury by the mother’s friend while she was at work. This baby and his young parents have been in our hearts and prayers every day. What a testimony it has been to watch God working in his little life! Also, while she has been at the hospital and dad is deployed, their house was broken into and most everything worth value was taken.
The children here at Riverview have chosen this family as a service project. They are doing a penny drive and would also like their parents to join by replacing the items that were stolen with items not in use at home. Items stolen were a smaller flat screen TV, an IPad, a PS3, movies and games, and of all things food. If any one might have any of these items that they would be willing to part with let the office know. Plans are being made to get the items to the family.
Christian is scheduled to be released from the hospital Oct 16th after over a month’s stay. He is being released without a piece of his skull that the Dr. had to remove to relieve the swelling and bleeding on his little brain. Once the swelling subsides it will be replaced. Therefore there will be a lot of traveling back and forth from Nebraska to Denver for follow up visits. This will make it hard for Mom to go back to work.
Thank you for your support and prayers!!